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“Daddy, can we drive by and see if “planned parenting-hood” closed yet?”, my young son asks from the back seat. Disgusted at the presence of the wretched institution right here in our home town, we had stopped several times before at the local strip mall where it was located, and from the parking lot talked with the children about how the ladies that go there are often lied to and deceived into killing their babies. We had prayed that God would close it. As we pulled into the parking lot, we sadly notice it is still there. We stop and talk to the children about how they will grow and God will use them to fight the big fights that face our society. As we talk, we notice a nearby spot in the strip mall is available and my wife and I voice our thoughts. “What if we opened a bakery there and every time a lady was going to enter the neighboring office, we invited her in here first for a free muffin”, we brainstormed. We could share the gospel with her and plead with her to preserve her baby’s life. We remembered great ideas from a bakery we used to visit in another state where we once lived and thought we might be able to make the bakery profitable here as well- but with a real mission to be a light for these ladies in danger of wandering into darkness next door. The sad part of the story is we never even seriously considered whether our brainstorm could be molded into a viable plan. Why not? Because the truth is we have no freedom to pursue such a thing, no matter how viable it might have been, or how much of a difference we could make here in our home town. I can’t leave my work- I have a family to support. The really heartbreaking thing is that if my children are going to live up to the big visions I was trying to put in their minds of growing up to fight these fights, then they will likely find themselves with a very similar lack of freedom in 20 years or so… So what do we do? How do we move from going to work to pay the monthly bills, into being free to fight the fights that so desperately need to be fought?

I am happy to report I found a resource that is focused on that very thing. The product is called “Christian Wealth Building”. It is a six part audio presentation that is essentially a conversation between Michael Pink, and John Muratori. Mr. Pink is a best selling author, teacher, and keynote speaker on the subject of God’s ways, God’s Word, and wisdom for starting a business and succeeding in sales. Mr. Muratori is author of the book, Rich Church Poor Church. Their conversation is a review and discussion of Mr. Muratori’s book. Their conversation is focused on how Christians can learn to think differently and learn to gain wealth for the purpose of becoming a force for Jesus Christ in their communities and in our society. For the purposes of this review, I will call that, “building your bakery”.Rich Church Poor Church

If you are driven by thoughts of having a big house, the nicest car, and exotic travel, if you are looking for an audio series that will motivate you to pursue wealth for the luxuries it will buy, then you might want to look elsewhere. If, however, you see things in your community that trouble you and you want to learn how to be part of making them better, if you want to learn tools that will help to change your thinking from being a slave to the typical consumer mindset, into becoming an economic warrior for the cause of Christ to make a real difference in our society- then you might be interested to listen to this one. One word of caution… Listening to this presentation may also lead to a desire to read the book. And who knows, it might also inspire you to build your bakery.

Mr. Pink has graciously given all our readers a free copy of the 6 hour MP3 series called Christian Wealth Building.  This usually sells for $77.00.  Please go pick up your copy before this offer ends.  Please feel free to share this with your friends so they can come and grab their free copy too!  You can also find Mr. Pink on Facebook and Twitter.

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